Offshore outsourcing has several benefits, which will empower your business thus giving you a competitive edge:

Focus and concentrate on your core business. Outsourcing back-office functions will allow you to refocus business activities that are important without sacrificing the quality or service in the back-office. It also allows you to concentrate your human resources where you need them most.

Access to specialized services. Your outsourcing partner are experts and skilled at what they do and are able to provide proficient services. They also have the necessary assets to start projects quickly.

Cost and efficiency savings. Overhead and manpower costs of performing back-office work are inconsistent and unreasonably high. Not to mention the recruiting, training and other manpower development costs for back-office personnel. Outsourcing such functions off-shore will save you 60-70%.

Business continuity and risk management. High employee turnover, staffing issues, seasonality or cyclical demand adds uncertainty and inconsistency to a company's operations. Outsourcing provides a level of continuity and reduces the risk of an inferior service level which such issues could bring to the company.

Time-zone advantages. Offshore outshourcing to countries like the Philippines has a time-zone advantage. Your outsourcing partner can continuously work even after your office hours. This allows the work to be completed faster.

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

To date, Philippines is the #1 BPO outsourcing destination worldwide.

The country ranks 3rd in Knowledge and Information-based jobs in the 2002 Global Technology Index (research done by the META Group)

The world's second-largest English-speaking population.

English is the medium of instruction in Philippine schools.

With a literacy rate of 94%, the Philippines have a large pool of information technology professionals.

Three million college graduates join the workforce each year, providing a tremendous source of talent.

An American colony for close to 50 years, the Philippines has a Western-influenced culture, a unique trait that clearly distinguishes the country from other offshore destinations.